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The Isle of Maui Pipe Band is a non-profit, all-volunteer, musical group dedicated to becoming a successful premier-level band. Members dedicate enormous amounts of their personal time and income to keeping the band moving forward. Operational expenses (including travel to off-island events) run well over $10,000 per year. Most of these expenses are absorbed by the individual members. No one in the band receives payment.

Sponsors of the band are recognized on the band’s website, in concert programs and in media releases. Company logos for major sponsors can be displayed on the band’s bass drums or uniforms. In addition, the band enjoys reciprocating in performance at corporate or charitable events for sponsors.

By becoming a sponsor of the band, your organization will substantially increase our ability to focus on what we do best; make great music!

Priority Reservations

Sponsorship will provide your organization priority band reservation status for your events. Corporate, Gold and Silver sponsorships will provide priority status during Holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, New Years and others.

Sponsorship Level Information:

There are a number of levels of band sponsorship each with their level of benefit to the sponsor. The benefits include band performances and may include logo placement on our bass drum, banner and web site. Our sponsors will also be mentioned during our performances and on our website.

Sponsorship levels start at $1,500. Donations are annual and tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. The Isle of Maui Pipe Band is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

If you’d like to sponsor us or want more information please contact us.


Corporate Sponsor ($25,000 and above)


Gold Sponsor ($15,000 or more)


Silver Sponsor ($5,000 or more) Travel Sponsor


Workshop Sponsor ($3,000)


Celtic Patron ($1,500)



Want to sponsor us? Click here to contact us!

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