Learn With MIDI

Enumclaw competition tunes

Band Tunes

MIDI is a digital form of music which can help you learn our music -- memorizing, or playing more accurately.  With MIDI you easily control tempo, looping, and jumping to sections.   

Here is a video of how you can download and use a MIDI player to work with MIDI files:

MIDI Player

Midi Voyager is a MIDI player that runs on Android and iOS mobile devices.   It supports tempo changes, looping, track selection, markers, and more.  

There are other MIDI players available, and some of them also support these capabilities, if you can find them.  

For non-mobile, computer use you may want to check out Rosegarden and VLC Media Player, which are both free and work on different computer operating systems.

If you want to use Midi Voyager, download it and install it on your device:

Android has the free version, and a paid ($4.50) Pro version.  

MIDI Files


A MIDI player needs a soundfont file to know what the instruments sound like.  You will need our soundfont file to play the sounds of the drums and pipes.

Here is the most recent soundfont file.

Please note this sound font file won't work with any non-band midi files.

Place this file on your device, and then tell your MIDI player to use it.  It is named with an extension of sf2.  For Midi Voyager, go to Settings > Soundfont and specify the location of the file on your device.

Tunes and Exercises

After you have downloaded and installed your midi player and told it to use the band's sound font file, you can play the midi files from the band on your device.  

The way to download and install MIDI files on your device depends on the type of device you have.  The general idea is to download a ZIP file from a list, containing a set of files to your device, and then unzip it, and then tell your MIDI player to load the individual MIDI files you want.  

You can also download files individually from the lists.

The MIDI and audio files are found and organized in lists on the "Band Tunes", "For Pipers" and "For Drummers" pages:

In addition to the MIDI files, each category contains lists of audio files.  The most popular is probably the MP3 files.  But WAV and OGG files are also listed.  These convenience files allow you to easily listen to what the MIDI file would sound like if played at the accepted tempo, and with no loops.  

Band Tunes

Non-Band Tunes

For Drummers

For Pipers

Metronomes, using MIDI, are located on the  Metronomes page.   If you do not have a metronome, you could use one of these files in a MIDI player.


If you need help finding, installing, or using these files, feel free to contact Admin@IsleOfMauiPipeBand.org


Here are some examples of how Midi Voyager can be used to practice with one of the band tunes:

Capt Norman Orr Ewing, using MV

Another chanter/drums video of using Midi Voyager shows how to change the tempo and jump to different markers, and loop.

Capt Norman Orr Ewing play along

How to use MIDI to learn the snare part.