Hawaiian Tartan

In 1997 The Caledonian Society of Hawai’i held a contest to design an official Hawaiian state tartan. Douglas Herring of O’ahu came up with the winning design which consists of mostly blue and green hues to represent the water, sky, and foliage of Hawai’i. Other colors are yellow and red, representing both the lava that formed Hawai’i, and the Ali’i (Royalty) of Hawai’i.

In 2005 our band (then called “Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums”) adopted the Hawaiian tartan as our offical kilt plaid. We are currently the only pipe band in the world to proudly wear this tartan.

NOTE: for more detailed info on the Hawaii Tartan please go to: http://www.mauiceltic.com/hawaii-tartan.htm. And for info on almost ANYTHING related to the Scottish culture, both on and off the Hawaiian Islands, please go to: www.MauiCeltic.com.