Hiring the Band

Thousands are inspired every year by the Isle of Maui Pipe Band. Street parades, concerts, festivals & weddings, and much more…

Performance Request Form

What can the Isle of Maui Pipe Band do for you???

IMPB can turn an ordinary event into a unique and special occasion. We are a non-profit organization that has many years of experience performing at a wide variety of venues. We enjoy performing for our community and welcome the opportunity to help turn your event into a special occasion. Also, if you don’t require the whole band for your event, we can arrange for a solo piper to come out and play for you.

If you want more than an ordinary event, then perhaps IMPB is the answer. If you would like more information about what IMPB can do for you, please contact us.

Hire The Band…

The Isle of Maui Pipe Band infuses your event with an unrivaled pageantry of music, color and excitement. A typical performance consists of up to 30 minutes of music and entertainment.

We can provide an ensemble to match the needs of your event, including:

Parade / Full Band (can range from 6 to 12 pipers, and 3 to 7 drummers)

Mini Band (typically 4-6 pipers, 2-3 drummers)

Trio + One (typically 3 pipers and 1 side drummer)

Solo Piper

Full Band

The Full Band can perform a wide variety of arrangements, including hymns for church services, our award-winning competition medleys and traditional march tunes. Nothing grabs the attention of a crowd (even dispersed over a wide area) like the strike-in of a full pipe band. At most full band events, our outstanding drum major will provide narration between pieces, explaining the band’s history, the story of many of the tunes, and how the art evolved.

Mini Band / Trio

Perhaps a Full Band is more than your event needs. A Mini Band consisting of 3-4 pipers and a 2-3 member drum corps or a Trio can perform at various smaller venues, providing much of the same repertoire of the full band. As with the full band, we can arrange to include informational narrative and Q&A, which is especially appropriate for schools and brown-bag sessions.

Solo Piper

Often, a solo piper adds the solemnity or drama that your event needs. Celebrate a wedding, milestone birthday or graduation with a lively march or jig provided by your personal piper. Punctuate a key moment with a solo rendition of Amazing Grace or a specially-chosen slow air. We are available on short notice to provide chapel and graveside memorial services. We are proud to count among our members some of the best solo pipers in the state, any of whom will provide the right atmosphere for your event.  On the Big Island of Hawaii, please call Mark Knox.

Does the band charge a performance fee?

In almost all cases the answer is “yes”. There are two types of performances for which a fee is waived. The first is for certain charity efforts, in which our fee is considered our contribution. The other is where there is reason to believe that the event is of sufficiently high profile that our presence has marketing value for the band.

Every request is considered individually and making a request places no obligation on either yourself or the Band until such time as formal arrangements are mutually and formally agreed.

Please bear in mind that the Band is composed of individuals who as a group give up their time to exercise their love of the music and they may not be normally available to play during office hours Monday through Friday!

Since no two events are the same, please call or e-mail

to discuss how we can help your event come to life.

Sponsor The Band…

IMPB is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Although individual members of the band pay for personal items such as hose, brogues, and bagpipes, the band relies on sponsors to help cover the costs of uniforms and equipment. No one in the band receives payment. Members cover their own expenses when traveling to Highland Games or events.

Sponsors of the band are recognized on the band’s website, in concert programs and in media releases. Company logos for major sponsors can be displayed on the band’s bass drums or uniforms. In addition, the band enjoys reciprocating in performance at corporate or charitable events for sponsors.

If you or your organization would like to support band and its objective to promote the art form of pipes and drums in Hawaii and beyond, see our Sponsor page! You’ll be in fine company!