We don't have a virtual store yet.  Got any suggestions on what software/service to use?  Supposedly QGiv does a small thing like selling TShirts, not a "cart" thing.  They appear to charge 3.95% transaction fee, plus $0.30 per transaction.  So, buy a shirt for $10 and they'll get $0.395 + $0.30, or $0.695 of the $10.  I think.  Or is that just for donations?  Somone donates $10 and the band gets $9.30.  If somone donates $1 then the band gets $0.63 I think.  I think PayPal takes less, but not sure.  But QGiv also helps with event management, like getting headcount and maybe selling tickets.  Not sure.  They'll send me info.  I suspect they'll take the same commission of 3.95% + $0.30 for tickets, if they do help sell tickets.  Who's gunna have a concert at this time of covid anyway?