Join the Band

Join the Band

The Isle of Maui Pipe Band offers piping and drumming instruction of the highest quality in the state of Hawaii. Lessons are free.

Our goal is to introduce a broad range of people to instruments boasting a rich and long cultural heritage. Instruction is provided for the Bass, Snare and Tenor drums and for the Great Highland Bagpipe. These are the instruments which are played in today’s pipe bands

Piping and drumming instructors work with small groups of students. Our instruction method is designed to provide the basic elements of piping and drumming. Those whom wish to progress at a faster rate are encouraged to supplement the group instruction with individual lessons.


Our piping program covers basic fingering technique on the practice chanter. Each level concludes with an evaluation to determine if the student is ready to move on the next level. Students who are not ready to move on to the next level should seek individual/private instruction in order to satisfy their current level standards. Beginning piping students need to have a practice chanter and the exercise book.

After successful completion of the beginning work, piping students will begin to study the bagpipe itself. During which time they will be taught bagpipe maintenance, proper blowing technique, how to wrestle with, and finally how to play the bagpipe.


Snare students will learn drum rudiments and scores in the style of Scottish drumming. The bass and tenor program teaches the rhythmic beatings associated with the Scottish bass section. Additionally, tenor drummers will learn the art of flourishing – twirling their mallets in between playing their drum.

Snare drummers will need a drum pad and a set of drum sticks, and Midsection students will Bass and Tenor mallets which may be purchased from various vendors upon recommendation from the band. The band provides performance drums.

Band Audition

To progress into the band’s competition and performance circles, students must audition for the Pipe Major (piping student) or Drum Sergeant (drumming students). A student may audition at any time. After completing either the piping or drumming programs, a band audition is NOT required, nor does the completion provide automatic Band Member status. If you have any questions about our programs, please send us email.

What will I need?

Beginning Pipers will need a practice chanter and beginning Drummers will need a pair of drum sticks and a practice pad. If you are interested in playing, we will give you the information on what to buy and where to buy it.

How much does it cost?


Once you have auditioned and are up to playing with the band, there will be a few uniform items to purchase (glengarry, ties, shirts and ghillies). The band supplies a cap badge, kilt jacket, vest, waist belt, kilt, sporran, white piper hose, blue piper hose, formal kilt hose, flashes and a rain cape.

Monthly Dues – $0 (lessons are free)

If I’m a piper, do I need to purchase a set of bagpipes right away?

No, not necessarily. Most pipers spend approximately 6 to 12 months learning the basics so you will have plenty of time to plan ahead. Only when a student has learned a few tunes and feels confident with the music will it be time to invest in a set of bagpipes.

If I’m a drummer, do I have to buy a drum?

No, the band supplies all drums. You will need to purchase a set of drum sticks and a practice pad. If you have questions on where to obtain these items, please let us know.

Starting Out:

Pipers and Drummers normally spend approximately 6 to 12 months learning the basics on a practice chanter (for pipers) or drum sticks and a practice pad (for drummers). New members learn to play as a group right from the start.

All of our new members will receive private instruction as well. Bagpipes and Scottish Drums are demanding instruments and we feel it is important students establish a solid foundation.

Our teaching program is designed to get new members involved in the band from day one. Students get help with sight-reading skills, rhythm, rudiments and playing as a group. Beginners also get a wee bit of history behind their instruments, the music and the culture from which it comes.


Band members are expected to be part of the Isle of Maui Pipe Band for ‘the love of the music’. They are expected to regularly attend band practices and performances. They are also expected to learn and practice band tunes on their own time between band practices and keep up with the progress of the group.

Band members are ambassadors of goodwill and Aloha for Maui. Band uniforms are owned by the band and issued on loan to members while in the band. Members will not do anything that will embarrass or dishonor the band in any way.

The pipe band executive committee is responsible for the direction and general operation of the pipe band. The committee welcomes input and suggestions from all band members.

We sign contracts with minimum requirements for pipers and drummers. Once an event is on the schedule and a commitment is made, it can only be missed in the case of a dire emergency. Please contact your Corps leader immediately if such situation arises.


As a group, we communicate by email and expect you to check it on a regular basis—especially before leaving for a performance or rehearsal.

Practice Times and Locations

The Isle of Maui Pipe band holds practices every Monday night in Kahului. The practice is from 6:00 to 8:00PM.