B'Day Party Gig

Files on this page may help band members memorize parts, and keep time, for the upcoming B'Day Party Gig on June 26, 2021.  

This is a special subset of tunes, with specialized drum parts, and purposely slower than normal tempos.  

These are the tunes, in order of play:

Most band members will only use the MP3 files below.  You should be able to just click/tap an MP3 file to play it.  (You could instead download it, or the .zip file which contains all the files, to your computer/device.)

The MIDI (.mid) files provide more flexibility for practice, but require the use of a MIDI player.

MP3 Files

Play on computer or mobile device

MIDI Files

Play with MIDI player (like Midi Voyager)

You can safely ignore the following lists of experimental versions of some of the above tunes.  In some cases the drum parts are more repetitious, making memorization easier.  In other cases different ideas are presented.  These are not authorized versions, but may be of some interest.

Experimental MP3 Files

MP3 format of unsanctioned, experimental versions of tunes, etc.

Experimental MIDI Files

MIDI versions of unsanctioned, experimental versions of tunes, etc.